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    derryhalloween-pumpkinhead-bg derryhalloween-pumpkinhead-bg

    Derry Halloween

    When the spirits awaken at Halloween, there's only one place they want to party – Derry Halloween in Northern Ireland
    • #Halloween
    • #CultureandHeritage
    • #NorthernIrelandEmbraceAGiantSpirit
    Culture & Heritage
    15 mins from City of Derry Airport
    A gateway between worlds

    Halloween on the island of Ireland is a time when the spirits breach the veil between worlds and wander among us. And at Derry Halloween they're invited to party with the living at a scary, joyous and fantastically fun carnival.

    Celebrations take place across the Walled City but also reach beyond the 400-year-old walls to possess nearby Donegal and Strabane.

    Each location represents a different spirit world filled with mystery and enchantment, and the revels come to a climax as all worlds merge to create a "World Beyond the Walls".

    Derry~Londonderry, County Londonderry
    29th October 2021 – 31st October


    Scenes from Derry Halloween


    Derry Halloween 2021

    Folklore, feasting and festivities – that's what's on offer as Derry~Londonderry comes alive once more to welcome visitors from every realm.

    derryhalloween-one-carnival derryhalloween-one-carnival

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    Steeped in history

    The original Derry Halloween took place over 35 years ago, and has since blossomed into one of the best-known Halloween celebrations in the world, drawing on Derry~Londonderry’s rich mythical and cultural history.

    But for all its spooky celebrity, the city delights in welcoming visitors to share in the fun and as you walk its streets, you'll discover a place that is warm, welcoming and brimming with creativity. From cutting-edge cuisine to trendy street food, fascinating museums to cosmopolitan art galleries, Derry~Londonderry skillfully walks the line between honouring its past and looking towards its future. Our advice? Enjoy the party!

    Derry~Londonderry was voted the world's best Halloween destination in a poll by USA Today.

    Did you know...
    derryhalloween-event-derry-girls-mural derryhalloween-event-derry-girls-mural

    Derry Girls mural gets in the spirit, Derry Halloween

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