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Looking for inspiration? Planning a trip? Or just want to scroll yourself happy? We'll show you an Ireland that's tailor-made for you.

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    Dublin is a lover of literature, a historic powerhouse and a super-friendly old gem that's been named Europe's friendliest city twice by TripAdvisor. What are you waiting for?

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    Feel the Dublin buzz

    Welcome to Dublin, a city that's as intimate as a village and as friendly as an Irish pub. Framed by mountains, centred on a river and edged by a beautiful bay, the city's streets and alleys are filled with vibrant art and historic buildings, hip cafés and traditional "old man" pubs, as Dubliners call them. Walk the streets and you'll feel the energy of over 1,000 years of history, as echoes of the Vikings mix with buzzing boutiques, cobbled streets reverberate with the sounds of buskers, and 18th century parks play host to festivals, film and food markets.

    dublin-exbrand-hero dublin-exbrand-hero

    George's Street Arcade, Dublin city

    City by the sea

    Dublin is a resoundingly social place, packed with culture, creativity and craic (fun). You'll see it in the busy pubs, in the rolling nightlife scene, in the music and in the chat. But this ancient gem basks in natural beauty, too. Head out beyond the city, and the UNESCO Biosphere of Dublin Bay opens up with coastal walks, little villages, wide sea views and rugged mountain backdrops. Take to the Dublin mountains for a hike, go rock-climbing in Dalkey Quarry, walk the cliff path at Howth or join the Dublin hardcore who sea-swim whatever the weather. There's an adventure around every corner.

    Dublin Bay

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    Discover Dublin with the locals

    Enjoy blasts of sea air and coastal views with local guide Shane O'Doherty.

    talking-head-dublin-shane talking-head-dublin-shane

    Dublin Bay brings the feeling of the sea everywhere in the city

    Shane O’Doherty, Shane's Howth Adventures