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Looking for inspiration? Planning a trip? Or just want to scroll yourself happy? We'll show you an Ireland that's tailor-made for you.

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    Ireland's Ancient East

    Be wowed by the wonder of over 5,000 year of history in this exceptional part of the island of Ireland

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    Step into the stories

    At first sight, Ireland's Ancient East is a tranquil and beautiful land of rolling green hills, charming towns and quiet waters, all framed by the River Shannon and the Irish Sea. But dig a little deeper and you'll discover a region that ripples with over 5,000 years of history. There are compelling characters and ancient mysteries, hidden stories and millennia-old myths. Explore Ireland's Ancient East, and you become part of the story.

    iae-ex-brand-rock-of-cashel iae-ex-brand-rock-of-cashel

    Rock of Cashel, County Tipperary

    Living history

    There's nothing quite like the feeling you get as you step inside a 5,000-year-old monument. Or the jaw-dropping coastal view from the top of a 13th century lighthouse. But this is what Ireland's Ancient East is all about: experiencing history from the inside out. Ride the waves across to Spike Island in Cork, known as Ireland's Alcatraz, and once the largest prison in the world. Walk in the footsteps of the Vikings through the narrow streets and medieval treasures of Waterford. Or take a moment on top of the mystical Hill of Tara in Meath, dwelling place of the gods. A trip around Ireland's Ancient East brings history to life against a backdrop of unforgettable scenery. It's time to peel back the past...


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    Discover Ireland’s Ancient East with the locals

    Delve into a world of fascinating history and marvellous myths with Carina Mountcharles

    iae-talking-head-carina iae-talking-head-carina

    Ireland’s Ancient East is the land of myths and legends, and the birthplace of Irish culture. It takes in an incredible amount of history, over 5,000 years from the Celtic times all the way through to the modern age and its filled with truly fascinating nuggets of history.

    Carina Mountcharles